Wrapped in tranquillity

| Zainab A Nadvi

When is it that you feel the most like your true self? The dress wrapped around you, jeweled with French knots holding you in comfort, might be what helps to make you feel that way. The wrap dress, in its being, transforms the soul to a place ready to explore and dive into a momentous experience. There is a satisfaction of knowing where your garment is coming from and then where it is going to next. The words, wrap dress, itself paint a picture of someone sitting next to a table by the sea with a book in one hand and an aromatic herbal tea peacefully resting on top of the table. Each motif, made up of a plethora of singly crafted knots on the surface, creates a space to run your fingers through. This space highlights the real luxury, that is, of owning a handcrafted garment.

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